Friday, 6 April 2012


This is a variation on the stained glass crossed-nine-patch block - here I started with a plain block, I think I used a 6.5" block but it might have been slightly different - and anyway, it doesn't really matter.  

It's very simple to do - you take a plain block and two (or one longer) strip in your chosen width - these were 2" strips, or possible 2.25".  Then you make a slice across the block at a bit of an angle - the more extreme your angles are, a) the harder it will be to match your crosses in step two and b) the smaller block you may end up with, due to trimming - once the block is sliced, you insert the strip and sew the block back up.  Then, you turn the block 90 degrees and do it again.  This is very quick to do, particularly if you aren't too fussy about completely matching the crosses in the second step.

What it uses: strips of any width

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I hadn't even realized it was the same as your "stained glass" top....what a difference with just different background. Thanks, too, for adding some more ideas. I check this blog all the time for inspiration!!