Sunday, 10 July 2011

Log Cabin Corners

Small Log Cabin Corner Quilt

What scraps it uses up:
  • 2 inch squares (1 per block)
  • 4 inch squares (1 per block)
  • 5 inch squares (1 per block)
alternatively, you can use 2" strips you might have, or of course, you can always use fabric which is bigger in size than what I list - you just can't use anything smaller!

For each block cut
  • one 2" square for the cornerstone (white in my block)
  • one 2" square and one 2x3.5" rectangle in the same fabric (you can cut these from a 4" square)
  • one 2.3.5" rectangle and one 2x5" rectangle in the same fabric (you can cut these from a 5" square)
For the setting triangles:

The setting squares could be scrappy but will probably look better if they are the same fabric all around. For this number of blocks I used (32) you will need
  • 14 QST triangles (cut a 7.75" square in half diagonally twice) [i.e. 4x 7.75" squares]
  • 4 HST triangles (cut a 5.5" square in half once) [2 x 5.5" squares]
Personally, I am probably going to put a narrow border in the same fabric around it, so the top floats a bit, but you don't have to!

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  1. What a great idea! I just wish I could get back to the one blog, but until blogger help me I'm stuck with one dormant blog and one temporary one!